Launching the 1st Online Gilding Art Class

Launching the 1st Online Gilding Art Class

At a Glance

Introducing a self-paced online gilding art class to make specialized art education accessible anytime, anywhere.

This course is designed to cater to the needs of aspiring artists, art hobbyists, and professionals by offering flexible learning options.

Our recent email marketing campaign successfully converted leads into $20,000 in sales, demonstrating strong market demand and effective outreach.

Deep Dive

(1) Goals

(1.1) Business Goals

  • Solidify our position as a pioneering provider of flexible online art education.
  • Increase course revenue by 50% over the next 6 months through targeted marketing strategies.
  • Enhance user retention rates by 30% by offering engaging, self-paced learning modules.

(1.2) User Goals

  • Enable learners to master gilding techniques at their own pace, accommodating various schedules and learning speeds.
  • Empower users to seamlessly transition between learning modules, providing a customizable learning journey.
  • Foster a sense of achievement and progress through structured modules and milestone rewards.

(1.3) Non-Goals

  • Live classes requiring synchronous attendance.
  • Expansion into broad-spectrum art education not focused on gilding.

(2) User Segments, Use Cases, and Pain Points

  1. Aspiring Artists: Seeking convenient, self-guided skill advancement.
  2. Art Hobbyists: Looking for a flexible way to explore and practice new art forms.
  3. Professional Artists: Aiming to enhance their portfolio at their convenience.

(2.1) Prioritized User Segment

  • Focus
    • Aspiring Artists, for their eagerness to learn and the scalable impact of our offerings
  • Narrative
    • John, an aspiring artist interested in exploring new artistic mediums, discovers our self-paced gilding course through an engaging email.
    • Intrigued, he enrolls, finding the freedom to engage with the material on weekends and late evenings.
    • Over weeks, John progresses through modules, sharing his work and receiving feedback from the online community.
    • The course, fitting seamlessly into his life, rekindles John's love for art, culminating in his first gilded piece—an accomplishment celebrated by peers and mentors alike.

(3) Key Features and Tasks

(3.1) Design User-Friendly Course Landing Page

A landing page that effectively communicates course offerings and simplifies navigation with large fonts and high-contrast colours to cater to users with varying levels of vision and tech proficiency.

(3.2) Implement Simplified Sign-Up Process

A streamlined sign-up process with tooltips and FAQs to support users through account creation, course selection, and initial course access, reducing technological hurdles.

(3.3) Develop Flexible Course Content Management System (CMS)

An intuitive CMS allowing for the easy management of course modules, including video uploads and interactive quizzes, ensuring the content is accessible and engaging.

(4) Success Metrics

  • Revenue Growth: Achieve an additional $30,000 in sales within the next quarter through refined email marketing strategies.
  • Engagement Rates: Increase module completion rates by 40% within 6 months by enhancing content engagement and user experience.
  • Marketing Efficiency: Attain a conversion rate of 5% from email marketing efforts, reflecting improved targeting and message personalization.

(5) Technical Considerations

  • Develop a robust, user-friendly LMS (Learning Management System) that supports self-paced learning with scalable content delivery.
  • Implement analytics to track user progress, engagement, and feedback, informing continuous improvement of course content.

(6) Outcomes

Our shift to a "learn at your own pace" model, underscored by the remarkable success of our targeted email marketing campaign, sets the stage for a scalable, user-centric learning experience.

The course not only meets the diverse needs of our learners but also drives significant business growth, as evidenced by the impressive $20,000 in sales.

With continuous optimization and a focus on engagement, we anticipate even greater success and learner satisfaction. How do you feel about this strategic direction and focus on self-paced learning?